Problem With the Connection to Airbnb – Resolved

The problem with the connection to Airbnb, caused by changes in the booking format provided by Airbnb, has now been resolved. All bookings from Airbnb should shortly be automatically added to your Sirvoy account and availability on Airbnb should be reflected correctly.
If you have created bookings manually, please make sure to keep the automatically added bookings that are now coming in and remove the manually created ones. If the automatically added bookings causes overbookings, units have to be added manually to each one of them.
We apologize for the inconvenience. Please let us know if there is anything regarding this that we can assist you with.

This new format that is provided by Airbnb will not contain a name for the guest, which will be noticeable on your new bookings.

Outage started: 03. desember 2019, 09:11 CET Outage ended: 04. desember 2019, 13:23 CET